Frequently Asked Questions

What is MedICSS?

MedICSS (UCL Medical Image Computing Summer School) is an annual summer school organised and run by the Centre for Medical Image Computing (CMIC) and Wellcome-EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences (WEISS).

MedICSS 2022 will include lectures covering recent developments across medical image computing research, and interactive group projects applying computational imaging techniques.

When is MedICSS 2022?

MedICSS 2022 will run from 11th-15th July 2022.

Where will MedICSS 2022 take place?

The full scientific content of MedICSS 2022, including lectures and projects, will take place online. We may plan some in-person social events to complement the MedICSS programme, COVID permitting. Any in person events would take place near the main campus of UCL in Bloomsbury, London.

Who can attend?

MedICSS 2022 is open to participants at any career stage who are interested in learning more about medical image computing. We anticipate that many attendees will be masters or first year doctoral students, or those who are relatively new to medical imaging. The course is designed so that attendees with varied levels of experience will all benefit.

Who is lecturing at MedICSS 2022?

The list of confirmed speakers for MedICSS 2022 is here.

What projects are available?

The list of confirmed projects for MedICSS 2022 is here. More projects may be added in due course.

Do I have to do a project?

No, we are offering a lectures only package for those who don’t wish to participate in a group project.

How do I apply?

Applications for MedICSS 2022 closed on 18th March 2022. Successful applicants will be notified by 12th April 2022 and invited to secure their MedICSS place by paying the course registration fee.

How much does it cost?

The registration fees for the full (lectures and projects) MedICSS package are £50 for students, £60 for academic researchers, and £70 for those working in industry. The fee for the lectures only package is £20.

Is there any financial assistance available?

We are offering a limited number of fee waivers to applicants based in countries defined by the World Bank as Low-Income or Lower-Middle-Income Economies. You can apply for the waiver by completing the relevant sections of the application form.

What if I have other questions?

If you have other questions about any aspect of MedICSS 2022 please email