Programme and Projects

We are still working on this year’s programme; we will update this page as soon as we have confirmed the exact schedule with the spearks.  For reference, find this year’s list of speakers here, and the previous year’s programme here.

The summer school includes practical and interactive sessions throughout the week will be used encourage communication and hands on learning. These will include a poster session and a hands-on mini-project. This year’s available projects include:

Microstructure model selection in diffusion MRI
Multi-atlas segmentation of brain MRI scans for Alzheimer’s disease studies
Machine Learning in Medical Imaging
The Basic Augmented Reality Demo (BARD)
Lung Image Analysis
Deep learning for medical image segmentation
Respiratory Motion Modelling
TADPOLE Challenge: Prediction of Alzheimer’s Disease Evolution using Statistical Models and Machine Learning
Building a surgical simulator with haptic feedback using chai3D
Image Quality Transfer in MRI with Deep Neural Networks